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The Key To Good Health – Miso

Miso is a preserved thick paste and a traditional seasoning of Japan produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji (malted rice).
Miso is frequently classified by the region where it is developed and produced in Japan.
While the most common Miso recipe is Japanese-style Miso soup, miso is a versatile seasoning and can be used in many kinds of Japanese dishes.  

Major types of MISO
By Ingredients: RICE miso (rice koji and soybeans), accounts for 80% of the Miso produced by Japan. Barley miso (barley koji and soybeans), Soy miso (only soybeans as its main ingredient)  

Generally, light-colored MISO is younger and sweeter (less salty) than dark-colored MISO.

* SHIRO miso (white miso) is the most versatile type of miso, fermented for a shorter time (3 to 4 weeks), less salty and milder than other Misos. The smooth flavor of white miso makes it a popular choice.

* AKA miso (red miso)
It is fermented (aged) for longer, generally a more mature taste and saltier than white miso.

* SHINSHU miso (yellow miso)
It is a type of Rice miso, which is fermented for no longer than AKA miso (6 months to a year).

* AWASE miso (blended miso)
There are many types of Awase miso because it is a composition of other varieties of miso to improve the weak points and bring out the best taste of each type of miso. 

While health benefits of Miso are being discovered, many types of Miso are produced, such as ‘low salt', 'additive-free', 'organic', 'with/without dashi', 'instant miso', etc. to fit special dietary needs.
Most types of items are available for both retail and food service applications.

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