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Do You Know Tsukemono?

Japanese pickles are called Tsukemono and have been loved by Japanese people for a long time.  They are made by pickling the ingredients mainly vegetables with salt and/or other seasonings.   To effectively preserve vegetables, Tsukemono were developed using salt from the sea surrounding Japan.  The varieties of Tsukemono available today are created by using various vegetables,  seasonings, and pickling methods.

Pickled Ginger/GARI:  Ginger has long been used for a variety of medicines and health foods. You can enjoy sliced fresh ginger pickled in sweet vinegar when you eat sushi.  Ginger helps digestion, smooths bowel movements, raise body temperature, eliminate toxic substances in the body, etc.  Eating ginger when eating raw fish like sushi, sashimi, etc. makes good sense for your health. 


Pickled Plum/UMEBOSHI:  Umeboshi is round, reddish color, and very sour.  But it is an alkaline food like vegetables and fruits.  There is an immediate effect of recovery from fatigue and constitution improvement if you take one or two pieces.   It contains various acids (citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid etc.), minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphorus etc.), and vitamins (C, A, B complex etc.).  The sterilizing power is the best in food, and when the salt concentration of Umeboshi exceeds 20%, it helps preserve food as well. 


Menma/Bamboo shoots:  Menma is processed and fermented bamboo shoots with lactic acid. It is commonly used as a topping for noodle soups, primarily ramen.

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