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YUZU is a citrus fruit that has been popular in Japan for a long time.
Imagine a lemon crossed with a mandarin orange.
The flavor is quite distinctive. It is tart but very aromatic.   

It is so versatile in Japanese cuisine. While the fruit itself is almost never eaten on its own, the zest and juice are used in countless ways in food, drinks, and desserts. An essential ingredient it is indispensable.

YUZU, unlike other citrus fruits, has many produciton areas in the moutains inland slightly inland than the temperate coastal zone, and the climate of the mountains where the temperature difference between the night and the day is large puts the scent of citrus.In winter when the temperature difference between the night and the day is so large, you can actually smell the scent of Yuzu in the air. Some say that in Japan, you can't have winter without Yuzu.

Since the Edo period, it has been a custom on winter solstice to bathe with Yuzu, called a 'Yuzuyu' or Yuzu Bath.  It is said to help prevent colds and dry skin as it warms the body and relaxes the mind with the scent of Yuzu coming from the oil in its skin.

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